Anunt selectie voluntar Roma/Italia


A fost selectata Corina Steflea

Cautam un voluntar pentru un stagiu de 9 luni, in proiectul numit EDUCATION TRACKS IN EUROPE, care se va desfasura intre 06/09/2018 si 31/05/2019  sau 6/03/2018  to 28/11/2018, in Roma. Proiectul are doua fluxuri dar se poate ca sa fie selectionat doar un singur roman pentru unul din fluxuri.

Cei interesati trebuie sa trimita un CV si o scrisoare de motivatie in limba engleza, la pana pe 10.06.18

Iata cateva detalii despre stagiu expuse mai jos in limba engleza:

The main aim of EDUCATION TRACKS IN EUROPE is strongly linked to the principles of the Erasmus+ strategy on Inclusion and Diversity, which states that, while it is important to reach out to these underprivileged groups, it is also vital to equip young people and youth workers with the necessary competences to successfully manage and support diversity, contributing so to positive interaction with different inclusion groups. Where inclusion of everyone ensures that all young people can feel part of a society, the focus on accepting diversity and on empowerment ensures that everybody can take part on their own terms, without giving up on their unicity and identity, bringing along their values, cultural and social background and life experience. CEMEA del Mezzogiorno and the équipes which work daily with the diverse clients of the centers promote an holistic approach to the person, which aims to support the development of each individual in a way which is as much as possible respectful (and therefore inclusive) of his personality towards all the other social actors which are part of his life. Within this context we see the involvement of the volunteers as a precious resource, a privileged tool to promote the psycho-social well being and individual empowerment, which is a fundamental element to promote a sense of vision, a way to look into the future with hope and sense of belonging. Just by accepting to bring themselves in those peripheral and disadvantaged areas, offering their abilities and their will to grow, understand and challenge themselves, the volunteers will strongly contribute to value and motivate the young people which will be in contact with them, initiating a process of curiosity and opening.
Together with educators and other staff members, under the guidance of a supervisor in the center and with an external personal support (mentor), the volunteers can take a challenge at 360°, in favour of their own personal growth and the one of the community in which they will live. The spirit of initiatives and entrepreneurship of the volunteers, the acquisition of specific skills in the field of socio-educational animation and solidarity attitudes will be supported at any stage of the project.

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Anunt de selectie pentru o serie de 3 stagii de voluntariat in Prilep Macedonia

prilep-alexander-the-greatCautam voluntari pentru trei etape diferite ale aceluiasi proiect -Youth In Action 2.0- ce se va intampla in Macedonia pentru urmatorii 3 ani.

Perioadele stagiilor: 

A. 01.04.2018 – 29.10.2018

B. 01.02.2019 – 01.09.2019

C. 15.09.2019 – 14.03.2020

Aceste date pot fi pe masura implementarii proiectului usor modificate.

Cei interesati pot trimite scrisoare de motivatie si CV in limba engleza la, incepand de azi.

Detaliile sunt in limba engleza mai jos:

The volunteers will carry out following general activities:
 will assist in project development and implementation of project activities with high school
students visiting YCP
 will assist in creation and implementation of yearly programs of school organizations
 will gather information and data once per month from 5 high school organizations
 will process data from 5 high school organizations
 will create brief documents on information gathered from high school students in Prilep.
 prepare articles and reports and update organization web site and social networks
 participate in meetings, promotion and other social events (twice a month)
 organize presentations/workshops to young people (at least twice a month)
During the realization of the activities the volunteers will have full support from the organization team
and the rest of the volunteers. He will have full freedom to bring initiatives and modify the tasks in
direction to his/her learning processes.
In coordination with the program manager of the organization and the program assistants, the
volunteers will implement the tasks.
Selection Criteria for Volunteers
Potential Volunteers needs to fulfill the next criteria
 To be between 18-29 years old
 To speak English
 To have valid passport with expiry date no earlier than 6 months after mobility
phase completion
 To have clear criminal record
 Motivation of volunteer to live abroad for 7th months
 Share an apartment/room with another EVS Volunteer
 Attend Skype interview with Hosting Organization
Advantage will be given to
 Young people with economical and geographical obstacles
 Experience in volunteering in Non-governmental organization
 Experience in facilitating and running workshops
 Possessing presentational skills
 Experience in working with youth

Additional information
EVS in Prilep Learn Basic Macedonian with grammar and audio (project from our former EVS Volunteer
Clement Almero)
 Each Volunteer receives money for food and pocket money, Accommodation, Macedonian SIM
card and 30 hour Macedonian lessons.
 Upon Completion each volunteer is awarded with Youth Pass Certificate.
 We expect partner organizations to be available on daily basis, providing information within 1
working day.
 Sending costs will be transferred to Project Partners upon each Mobility Phase completion.
How to be our Strategic Partner
 Accredited EVS Organizations from
– Romania
– Poland
– Croatia
 Ready to provide 1 volunteer per mobility phase, in total of 3 phases until 2020.
 Filled Partner Identification Form (Annex I)
 Previous Experience as sending or hosting EVS organization
 Send your PIF to no later than 23.12.2017
 To be ready to sign a mandate and sent by regular post no later than 31.12.2017


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Anunt selectie proiecte short term EVS in Grecia/ Kalamata


Actualizare 2.02.18 – Au fost selectionati Costea Ioan Alexandru si Vlad Diculescu-

Felicitari baieti!!

Cursul vostru de formare inainte de plecare va avea loc pe 2.02 la ora 17.30- 20,30.

Ceilalti candidati sunt invitati sa aplice pentru Polonia, Lituania si Macedonia, la care concurenta nu este atat de mare.

Cei interesati de O EXPERIENTA de voluntar pe termen scurt in Kalamata Grecia au sansa de a alege unul dintre cele trei stagii descrise mai jos:


Doua stagii de cate doua luni, cu o paleta de activitatati ampla – de la crearea de proiecte legate de ecofarming, la ajutarea unui adapost de animale fara stapan, la crearea de facilitati pentru persoanele cu disabilitati locuind in acest mic univers rural numit Kalamata.

Descrirea pe larg a proiectului este aici .

Datele de desfasurare sunt urmatoarele:

  1. 05/02/2018 – 04/04/2018
  2.  06/04/2018 –  05/06/2018

Daca doriti sa aplicati pentru a participa la aceste stagii, va trebui sa completati application_form_short-term, pe care sa il trimiteti la pana pe 28.01.18. Candidatii selectionati vor fi anuntati pe acest post pana pe 1.02.18


Un stagiu de numai o luna, avand ca activitate principala arta olaritului in stilul traditional al Kalamatei. Detaliile se pot descarca aici 

Datele de desfasurare sunt urmatoarele: 26/02/2018 – 28/03/2018

De asemenea, daca doriti sa aplicati pentru a participa la aceste stagii, va trebui sa completati application_form_TAF pe care sa il trimiteti la pana pe 28.01.18.. Candidatii selectionati vor fi anuntati pe acest post pana pe 1.02.18.

Avantajul unui stagiu pe termen scurt este ca poate sa fie urmat de altul, in alt loc, pe termen lung, pana la completarea a 12 luni de activitati de voluntariat international.



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Anunt selectie voluntar Portugalia in GAIAC




Organizatia portugheza GAIAC cauta  un voluntar roman pentru stagiul secund al proiectului FOOTPRINT- finantat de Prtogramul Erasmus Plus- Serviciul European de Voluntariat – 

Durata 6 luni incepand pe 1.04.08.

Candidatii sunt rugati sa trimita pana pe 30.01.18 un CV si o scrisoare de motivatie in engleza la adresa, urmand sa fie disponibili pentru un interviu telefonic sau online. Rezultatele vor aparea pe acest post pana pe 18.02.18.

Cei alesi vor avea obligatia sa participe la un curs de formare inainte de plecare, care va avea loc in Bucuresti, la o data stabilita de comun acord.

Iata mai multe informatii despre proiect:


aveti mai multe detalii cu un clic pentru un film si un altul  pentru blog


The project started on September  ’17 and ends after one year, September ’18. We will host 4 volunteers for a period of 6 months each time, from Latvia, Greece, Romania and Italy.

“The whole idea of sharing different cultures to the younger generations has to do with the contemporary perception that there is a community larger than their own country,  where everyone is included and all contribute to galvanize it.

The way to make it happen so as not to destroy cultural traditions and social differences, creating misunderstandings, will be by promoting contact between people from different countries that will share their own heritage, language and tradition in an environment that encourages sharing and understanding each other, as we believe that by using the international dimension as a learning tool will enlarge this spirit making the learning process much easier and funnier. It was on this basis that Gaiac understood to participating on EVS.

 GAIAC would like to host active, creative, dynamic and open-minded people and organizations that like to work with young people and share different kinds of culture and experiences.

Since the target group is young people it is recommended that the volunteers have the will to work with children or teenagers even though a special type of school or university finishing is not required.

 Volunteer will have the chance to:

– learn Portuguese language;

– search and learn different methodologies in art and culture education, especially in a non-formal context;

– meet young people in schools and share with them all different roots and backgrounds;

– plan along with Gaiac members artistic workshops, youth-exchange and lifelong learning projects;

– participate in every project that Gaiac hosts and have the possibility to work with the whole European network, Drums for Peace.

– get in touch with various art forms and local exhibitions;

– get to know the local culture and to live in a different environment from what they are used to.

 It is intended that the sharing of cultures is focused on the similarities and differences among all participants, the learning process of new languages and understandings of common values. It mainly focus on how communication can be encouraged while respecting individual and group wishes and the various identities that are part of an European culture.

The methodologies used are on a non-formal basis, with ice-breaking games and group dynamics and open space technique, using art as a tool to communicate and brake misconceptions. The whole project will live along with other partner organizations from Drums for Peace networking, promoting a deeper way to acknowledge good practices in communication at an international level.”


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Anunt selectie voluntari Leszno Polonia/ stagiu scurt

A.C.T.O.R. cauta un candidat (18-30 ani) pentru un stagiu SEV, in proiectul P.E.A.C.E., cu durata scurta care se desfasura in Lezsno Polonia la Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej Centre for Creative Activity, sau pe scurt CAT. \


Detalii despre activitati si despre organizatie pot fi vazute aici: detalii despre stagiu

Perioada: 09.04-06.06.2018

Termen limita pentru trimiterea unui CV in engleza la si completarea formularului de candidatura on line:  – pana pe 31.01.18

Rezultatul selectiei va fi postat pana pe 5.02.18

Util este sa se stie ca participarea la un stagiu asa de scurt da sansa participantului selectionat sa aiba in viitor si un stagiu de lunga durata, pana la inca 10 luni. Asa ca acest prim stagiu EVS poate sa fie… doar un inceput




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Anunt Urgent/ Spania 9 luni/ EVS/


Cautam voluntari in regim de urgenta pentru un proiect in Spania, Manzanares, Spania
Organizatia de gazduire:  AFAIJ – Basida
Termen limita: cat mai repede

Plecare cat mai repede, deoarece proiectul este in derulare

Stagiul este parte a unui proiect mai amplu- “Strengthen the bond of inclusion”, prin care se face o analiza a incluziunii sociale in Uniunea Europeana, implicand efortul cumulat al unui grup mai mare de voluntari din diferite tari.

Cei interesati sunt rugati sa trimita imediat un cv si o scrisoare de mativatie in limba engleza la , s, 

Mai jos se pot descarca documente cu detalii despre activitati, profil, organizare.




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Anunt pentru stagii de voluntariat in Polonia/ Wroclaw



Acest anunt este pentru tineri intre 18 si 30 de ani care nu au mai avut stagii SEV pana acum si care doresc o experienta de invatare experientiala in context intercultural lucrand cu copii din diverse medii sociale.

Deatlii se pot gasi aici:

Call for volunteers Happy kids 4 strategic- kindergartens

If you are interested in the project and the period of time suits you, please send us on: all the following attached document in English:
– CV, motivation letter
– “EVS Questionnaire Kindergartens 2018” document with summary of your data, preferred kindergarten (but remember the final match will be done after the interview) and with additional questions (to be downloaded from here:
The deadline to apply is the 21’th of January 2018. Applications will only be
considered if the documents are received fully completed and with picture.
After reading all the applications We will contact chosen candidates and arrange a Skype interview. You also might be asked to talk with kindergarten’s representative (eg to check your English level – when it’s required). After the full procedure We will make decision.
This can take around 2 weeks. Final results will be known till 9th of February the latest.
If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us.
Our EVS coordinators are ready to answer your questions: 
Karolina Bobińska: or 0048713592921
Anna Iwanowska: or 0048713592921

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Anunt pentru voluntari SEV in SLOVENIA

NU au fost candidati selectionati

PINA- o organizatie de exceptie, cu o echipa fantastica vrea sa recruteze voluntari. Va invita sa aplicati urmarind indicatiile de le acest link

Venue: Koper, Slovenia
Age: 18-30

termen limita 15.12.17


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ACTOR cauta trei candidati pentru un stagiu SEV in ISLANDA

Anunt fara candidati


Islanda pare locul ideal pentru o experienta de voluntariat intr-un mediu intercultural, poate printre ultimele finantate de Serviciul European de Voluntariat.

Asa ca va invitam sa candidati completand formularul din linkul descrierii proiectului si trimitand o scrisoare de motivatie si un CV in limba engleza la si pana pe 19.10.17. 

Iata detalii despre cele doua stagii din proiectul aprobat 2016-1-IS02-KA105-001621:

SEEDS has an open EVS position for candidates between the age 18-30. 
The duration of the project is between 30.11.2017 – 30.04.2018. There are two possible roles to apply for:

  1. International workcamp leader – main task is to lead workcamps of international groups
  2. Environmental messenger – main task to lead internation groups for learning camps, facilitate workshops and discussions on environmental issues, and raise awareness on environmental issues.

The EVS is a five month project, starting in mid-November or the latest on 30.November, located in Reykjavík Iceland. 
More information available in the attached file.  

ALL candidates need to turn in the following documents in English to 
– CV, Curriculum Vitae
– Specific motivation letter for the project
– The filled SEEDS questionnaire.

You can find the form at:




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Anunt recrutare voluntari SEV pentru GRECIA

Au fost selectionati Claudia Cornea si Cristian Lupu

A.C.T.O.R. cauta un voluntar care sa lucreze intr-un proiect in domeniul media, cu specific pe radio. Mai multe detalii gasiti aici

Candidatii sunt rugati sa trimita un CV si o scrisoare de motivatie in limba engleza  la adresa de email

Rezultatele vor fi distribuite pe acest post 



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