Anunt selectie proiect SEV/ Pau /Franta

Anunt fara candidati

Organizatia coordonatoare din Pau Franta – Pistes Solidaire propune 6 proiecte diferite la organizatii din regiune. Pentru a reusi sa participati la unul dintre ele, procedura este urmatoarea_

  1. urmati instructiunile descrise la linkul fiecarui proiect, mentionand ca aveti ca organizatie de trimitere ACTOR, avand PIC 948524104 si numarul de acreditare 2016-1-RO01-KA110-024377
  2. sa reusiti sa fiti selectionati de catre coordonatorii de la organizatiile care vor gazdui proiectul, urmand pasii clasici ai selectiei
  3. candidatura proiectului pentru care ai fost selectionat sa fie aprobata

Va dorim succes!

Iata informatiile promovate de Pistes Solidaire:

We are proposing 6 coordinated placements with different organisations starting early 2018 (schools, childcare centre, etc).
Could you please share the opportunities among your network of young people so that they can apply?
Here is the link to the article on our website with the different links:


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Anunt selectie voluntari Spania / Vigo

au fost 3 candidati:

Iar dupa faza de interviu a fost selectionata Irina Negut- Felicitari

vigo-70025-4663577Organizatia Centro Xuvenil ABERTAL din in Vigo-Spania ( )  cauta un voluntar pentru un proiect de 11 luni.

Candidatii sunt rugati sa trimita pana pe 3.09.17 un CV si o scrisoare de motivatie in engleza , plus formularul de mai jos completat

Application Form ACTOR ABERTAL

la adresa si la cea a colegilor spanioli, asa cum scrie in document

Vor trebuica in perioada urmatoare  sa fie disponibili pentru un interviu telefonic sau online. Rezultatele vor aparea pe acest post pana pe 5.09.17.

Cei alesi vor avea obligatia sa participe la un curs de formare inainte de plecare, care va avea loc in Bucuresti, la o data stabilita de comun acord.

Iata mai multe informatii despre proiect:

DATES: 01/10/2017 – 31/08-2018 (11 months)

VENUE: Vigo (Spain)



The activities that will be performed by the volunteer will be different in the House Family and ELCI. The proposal Arela offers the volunteer is:


– Tutoring for beneficiaries of the Centre.

– Design and support in leisure activities.

– Design and development of the activities about presentation of country and culture of origin of the volunteer.

– Proposal of other initiatives of volunteer.

– Participation in workshops that develop in the ICMSF (road safety education, health education, social skills, …) following the guidelines that the Center’s Education Team will mark.


– Monitoring and supervision of children and adolescents, who live there, in carrying out their daily tasks: study, leisure, personal hygiene, cleaning and care of the House Family …

* Due to the characteristics of the center and the importance for Arela a experiential learning and modelling will be given, this task usually includes specific tasks like eating or brushing your teeth with children and adolescents. Moreover, since the age of attention is from 0 years, may also include giving the food, changing diapers or shower and dressing up the children who because of their age or condition cannot do it by themselves.

– Design (with the Education Team) and conducting weekly a cultural exchange with children and adolescents: preparation of traditional food, dances and songs, basic knowledge of different languages, photography, …

– Participation in various tours to significant places in Galicia: children and adolescents prepare with educators and volunteer a trip as a mean for everybody to learn about the social and natural environment.

The proposed schedule will be from 13 to 19h on the following basis, with two days off per week:

PRACTICAL DETAILS: All volunteers will live in a shared flat with other EVS volunteers or students. She/he will have her/his own room and shared common spaces like kitchen, living room, bathroom… the flat is in the city center.

You will receive 200 € for food and local transport and 105 € of pocket money.

VOLUNTEER PROFILE: We are looking for very motivated volunteers, who knows about the project and the activities. We appreciate experience in volunteering and working with children, people with disabilities etc, depending on the project. With new ideas and a lot of motivation to do new things! We appreciate a basic Spanish level but is not a requirement.


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Urgent! Cautam doi voluntari pentru Portugalia


  1. Alexis Musca
  2. Timea Melinda Ursz
  3. Elena A. Dumitrescu
  4. Daiana Scarlatescu
  5. Marina Ungureanu

A fost selectata Marina Ungureanu!- Felicitari!




Organizatia portugheza GAIAC cauta in regim de urgenta doi voluntari romani pentru FOOTPRINT- un proiect Erasmus Plus- Serviciul European de Voluntariat – de jumatate de an ce va incepe pe 15 Septembrie  2017.

Candidatii sunt rugati sa trimita pana pe 20.08.17 un CV si o scrisoare de motivatie in engleza la adresa, urmand sa fie disponibili pentru un interviu telefonic sau online. Rezultatele vor aparea pe acest post pana pe 25.08.17.

Cei alesi vor avea obligatia sa participe la un curs de formare inainte de plecare, care va avea loc in Bucuresti, la o data stabilita de comun acord.

Iata mai multe informatii despre proiect:


The project starts on September  ’17 and ends after one year, September ’18. We will host 4 volunteers for a period of 6 months each time, from Latvia, Greece, Romania and Italy.

“The whole idea of sharing different cultures to the younger generations has to do with the contemporary perception that there is a community larger than their own country,  where everyone is included and all contribute to galvanize it.

The way to make it happen so as not to destroy cultural traditions and social differences, creating misunderstandings, will be by promoting contact between people from different countries that will share their own heritage, language and tradition in an environment that encourages sharing and understanding each other, as we believe that by using the international dimension as a learning tool will enlarge this spirit making the learning process much easier and funnier. It was on this basis that Gaiac understood to participating on EVS.

 GAIAC would like to host active, creative, dynamic and open-minded people and organizations that like to work with young people and share different kinds of culture and experiences.

Since the target group is young people it is recommended that the volunteers have the will to work with children or teenagers even though a special type of school or university finishing is not required.

 Volunteer will have the chance to:

– learn Portuguese language;

– search and learn different methodologies in art and culture education, especially in a non-formal context;

– meet young people in schools and share with them all different roots and backgrounds;

– plan along with Gaiac members artistic workshops, youth-exchange and lifelong learning projects;

– participate in every project that Gaiac hosts and have the possibility to work with the whole European network, Drums for Peace.

– get in touch with various art forms and local exhibitions;

– get to know the local culture and to live in a different environment from what they are used to.

 It is intended that the sharing of cultures is focused on the similarities and differences among all participants, the learning process of new languages and understandings of common values. It mainly focus on how communication can be encouraged while respecting individual and group wishes and the various identities that are part of an European culture.

The methodologies used are on a non-formal basis, with ice-breaking games and group dynamics and open space technique, using art as a tool to communicate and brake misconceptions. The whole project will live along with other partner organizations from Drums for Peace networking, promoting a deeper way to acknowledge good practices in communication at an international level.”


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Anunt selectie voluntar SEV in Portugalia

Candidati:  Maria Antonescu si Ileana Brancoveanu

A fost selectionata Ileana BRANCOVEANU– Felicitari!


Cautam un tanar / o tanara intre 18 si 30 de ani interesat de un stagiu SEV in Lisabona Portugalia, incepand cu octombrie 2017 pentru 10 luni.

Activitatile acestui stagiu se inscriu intr-un cadru mai amplu caci el face parte dintr-un proiect, numit ALEM, tintind imbunatatirea sanselor tinerilor si copiilor cu oportunitati reduse.

Iata aici informatii detailate despre amploarea proiectului:

Infopack ALEM

Documentul de mai jos trebuie completat si trimis pana pe 8 august, fiind posibil sa fiti contactati pentru un scurt interviu pe Skype.

ALEM_2017_application ACTOR

Pentru a va inscrie descarcati formularul, completati-l apooi trebuie sa urmati instructiunile din infopack,  adaugand si in CC.

Va asteptam candidaturile. Cu cat mai repede, cu atat mai bine


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Ana Maria BANESCU – Lituania

Choose Volunteering – for YOU and for local communities!

Project number: Nr. 2016-1-LT02-KA105-004695

Period: on 1st of September, 2016 and end on 31st of August, 2017

Mai jos un mic si sensibil articol scris de Ana Maria:


În Lituania, în luna februarie, centrul expozițional Litexpo a oferit un spațiu gratuit pentru voluntariat. Astfel, organizația coordonatoare ne-a invitat să participăm cu prezentări și workshop-uri, timp de 3 zile, povestind și promovând programul EVS.

Întorcându-ne la centrul pentru adolescenți, acesta se schimbă în funcție de persoanele care îl vizitează. Vibrațiile lor aduc blândețe și aer de familie.

De-altfel, în oraș a avut loc o conferință despre tineri și problemele cu care se confruntă. Participanți numeroși au reflectat asupra prezentului, viitorul fiind de față.

În luna martie, centrul a sărbătorit 2 ani de la înființare, iar acum avem un nou voluntar local, cu care mergem mai departe. Este o atmosferă comună, viața aduce întâmplări și oameni, ne privim în ochi cât de cât, ne îmbrățișăm și toate ne unesc.

Programul EVS ajută pe cei care aplică și pe cei din jurul unui voluntar EVS. Începe să nu mai fie vorba despre activitățile care au loc, despre ceea ce faci acolo, ci, despre tine însuți.

Tiptil-tiptil te cunoști, îți poți fi de folos, te accepți, rămâi tu aproape zi de zi. În voluntarii EVS se recunosc câteva din căutările profunde ai celor din trecut.

Pentru ultimele luni rămase din proiect, un an de EVS este, de fapt, continuarea acestui start diferit, luat cu risc, cu nădejde. Tăria formată va ajuta. Încă este greu să te dezlipești de vechile forme prin care căutai să-ți asiguri traiul de zi cu zi înainte să aplici pentru EVS.

Altfel se pot face lucrurile pentru suflet, familie și înțelepciune.

Este un parc aproape de locul în care sunt cazată. Copacii împrăștie miros de rășină. Foarte mult ajută s-alergi dimineața. Dă-i creierului oxigen și nu te va lăsa în ziua aceea până ce n-a trecut cu folos pentru tine.

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Anunturi selectie voluntariat Italia

Actualizare 4.05.17

Pentru acest proiect NU S-AU PRIMIT CANDIDATURI

Lansam aici un anunt pentru doua proiecte  cu stagii pentru Serviciul European de Voluntariat.

  1. proiectul SolCo se va desfasura in Verona pentru 10 luni, incepand cu 1.10.17. Iata detalii despre organizatie, despre proiect si instructiuni despre cum sa aplicati: Call for Volunteers with SolCo/ termen limita pentru aplicare- 16.04.17


  1. proiectul Primavera85 se va desfasura in Vicenta pentru 9 luni incapand cu 1.10.17. Si tot la fel ca la primul informatii complete puteti afla descarcand documentulCall for Volunteers with Primavera85, termen limita pentru aplicare- 18.04.17

Va dorim succes!


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Anunturi pentru selectie voluntariat SEV in Franta


Actualizare 4.05.17

Pentru acest proiect NU S-AU PRIMIT CANDIDATURI


Dragi cautatori de oportunitati SEV.

Va atasam aici o lista de proiecte in curs de realizare a dosarului de candidatura pentru se cauta voluntari:
Daca va simtiti atrasi de vreuna dintre aceste oportunitati, aplicati mentionand A.C.T.O.R. ca organizatie de trimitere. Noi va vom ghida la momentul la care proiectul va fi aprobat, ajutand in aceasta faza, organizatia franceza sa realizeze documentatia necesara obtinerii grantului.

Va dorim SUCCES!

we are going to submit the upcoming round several EVS projects and we are still looking for in total 8 volunteers (the selections will be done before the 14th of April).
Here are the links to the offers:
Please inform your young people in research of a project!
Kind regards
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Anunt pentru selectie de voluntari SEV in Islanda

Actualizare 28.04.17

A fost selectionata

Daniela Oana Banica

Cautam voluntari pentru un proiect de 5 luni in Islanda, incepand cu 1 mai pentru 5 luni. Este vorba despre activitati ecologice.

Modul de a candida este foarte strict. Iata ce cer organizatorii

ALL candidates need to turn in the following documents in English to
– CV, Curriculum Vitae
– Specific motivation letter for the project
– The filled form with a summary of your data and SEEDS questionnaire with additional questions.2017-03-seeds-evs-candidates-questionnaire

The deadline to apply is 20st March, 2017.

Applications will only be considered if the 3 documents are received fully completed. If you have applied for SEEDS projects in the past, please notice that the questionnaire has slightly changed.

Details about the project:


You can find more information regarding of our current (and past) projects at our website under

Do not hesitate to contact us again in case of questions, comments or remarks.

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Suedia- EVS – 2017-2018

Lansam aici un anunt despre un proiect SEV in Suedia pentru care, daca veti fi interesati, va rugam sa trimiteti CV si scrisoare de motivatie in limba engleza la

Detalii despre stagiu se gasesc mai jos


Information about Mullsjö folk high school


Mullsjö folk high school is beautifully situated next to a lake, 2 kilometres from the centre of Mullsjö. It was founded 1950 and their activities have their ground in Christian ideas in an environment free from drugs and they think everybody has got inviolable values. Their aim is to focus on the individual and emphasize the capacity of self-fulfilment of each person. The principal of the school is a foundation called “Svenska Alliansmissionen”, but it is partly run by funds from the government. There are 40 persons employed; 20 of them are teachers and 20 are administrative staff etc. Mullsjö has got 150 student and they usually study at Mullsjö folk high school for one year. The students can choose between 8 different educational programs and four of them are general programs where the students can choose directions like natural- and social science, sociology, IT and economy, assistant for disabled and an international course. The other programs offered are art studies, education to become a “leisure time leader” for youth and finally a bible educational program.


The municipality of Mullsjö is situated in the region “Västergötland” and the landscape is characterised by forests and lakes as well as agricultural areas. The municipality has got 7100 inhabitants and 5600 persons live in the town Mullsjö. Mullsjö has got some shops, a library, a care centre, dentists and services as post office, bank etc. Mullsjö has got good bus- and train communications to other towns and cities and there are 30 kilometres to the closes city, Jönköping. The distance to Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, is 140 km and it takes two hours to get there by train. Thanks to the beautiful nature, Mullsjö attracts many tourists both in the summer and winter. In the summer Mullsjö offers outdoor activities such as hiking, horse-back riding, canoeing and access to many lakes and in the winter it is popular to go ice-fishing or skating on the lakes or do other winter sports as skiing. The outdoor activities also provides the volunteer the possibility to try out different activities together with the other students at the school.


The school is adjusted for visually handicapped and hearing impaired students and they can either study the longer courses or participate in some special shorter courses for student with these needs. Mullsjö folk high school is also a course centre for external groups who have seminars or meetings there as well as evening events in their assembly hall. The impact on the local level will be through the personal contact the volunteer will have with people living in the area. Since Mullsjö is a small village the volunteer really has the opportunity to meet and get to know people. Interaction on a personal level will have a positive impact on the cultural awareness and youth engagement. The students at Mullsjö Folk high school lives and eat at the school and this will also the volunteer experience. This is a good way to interact even more with the culture and the other students. Via the school the volunteer will also have the opportunity to inform the local community about the great possibility which lies in the “Youth in Action Programme”. Hopefully the volunteer can inspire other youth to be an active citizen and broaden their perspective – by going as a volunteer.


Service and learning experience

The school offer full accommodation and a possibility to taking part in different subjects and even possibility to taking part in Swedish classes and even in the International class. The volunteer will be some kind of a hub for international meetings. Mullsjö folk high school believes that participating in a project can give the volunteer at least the following learning opportunities:

– Learning about Sweden and Swedish culture

– Learning Swedish

– Developing as a person; becoming more independent etc.

– Getting experience from running projects and cooperating with other people from different countries

– Learning about the Swedish folk high school system and philosophy

– Developing specific interests or qualities through participating in classes (e.g. art, ceramics, music etc)

– Learning about fair trade and global issues

The volunteer will recieve both a social and work mentor. The work mentor will introduce the volunteer to his/hers activities and tasks while the social mentor will introduce the volunteer to the social life in Sweden. Examples could be to follow the volunteer to the outdoor activities or introduce him/her for the students in the classrooms.


The role of the volunteer

The volunteer will not replace ordinary staff, and will not have the same level of responsibilities as the teachers or other staff members. S/he will neither have the role of a student. At the same time we try to make the volunteer feel that s/he is both close to the students and the staff, which we believe is important for the social integration. S/he will be a complement in different fields at school, and be welcomed to take own initiative and be given support if s/he would like to organize an activity or project. The volunteer will have a social role in the school and s/he could be a support/host during short-term courses at school, help out in the cafeteria or in the school’s fair trade shop, be part of organising leisure or cultural activities for the students, etc.


The volunteer will help out in different activities of the school, such as:

– Organizing different events and take care of free- time activities of the students (film shows, intercultural evenings etc)

– Helping our staff in kitchen sometimes (not regular)

– Be a helping hand in our Fair Trade Shop and inform about the fair trade system

– Be able to initiate their own projects and activities, also with support from the coordinating organisation PeaceWorks, (examples, start and run a student magazin or organise an international study trip to the volunteer’s home land)

-Working in the cafeteria together with students


The volunteer/s will study Swedish together with the non-Swedish speaking students, who regularly have “Swedish as a second language” classes.


A week at Mullsjö folk high school

Below you will find an example of how a week at the Mullsjö Folk High school could look like:

Mon am: Helping a couple of students in the school’s cafeteria

Mon pm: Participating in Swedish lessons and in an ceramics workshop

Tue am: Helping out with the fair trade shop- decorating in the shop and inform about the fair trade system.

Tue pm: Planning of a thematic film show for the school

Wed am: Free

Wed pm/evening: Organising a film show and social evening for the school’s student in the evening

Thu am: Plan and organise a study trip together with other students

Thu pm: Participating in the international class / having Swedish lessons

Fri am: Helping a couple of students in the school’s cafeteria

Fri pm: Free


Please note that this is an illustration of a potential week, and that the weeks may look very different.


the project, it would on 21 of August 2017 and will run until 20th of August 2018.

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URGENT- Anunt selectie voluntar Grecia Lefkas

Actualizare 4.05.17


Pentru acest anunt candidatii sunt rugati sa trimita la un CV insotit de o scrisoare de motivatie in limba engleza.

Selectia va fi facuta in regim de urgenta, avand in vedere data imediata de incepere a stagiului.

Toate dosarele de canditatura vor fi trimise organizatiei coordonatoare, iar candidatii vor fi supusi unui interviu.

Iata detalii despre proiect:

EVS Project Activities

Date: From February 2017

Venue: Greece, Lefkas

Activity 1: (Dialogue and solidarity between generations)

Date: from February / March 2017

Duration: 12 months

Places available: 1


“Elderly care centre of Lefkas” can host 1 young volunteer in Lefkas Greece in order to realize together solidarity project of cultural cooperation for the local development.

The project concerns to:

– Continue to organize workshops for a group of 40 elderly in the “Elderly care centre of Lefkas”, as manual activities (handicrafts), physical exercises, intellectual and cultural activities, discussion groups press reviews … but also external animations in order to maintain a link with the life outside the Centre.

This activity is a part of the social, cultural, communication and human field and their principal objective is the awareness of what means to be European citizen.

– Continue to animate the “Orange” Cultural Coffee which was created by the previous volunteers in the “Elderly care centre of Lefkas”. The Orange Cultural Coffee became a meeting place, a favourite space of gathering for the old people of the Centre where they enjoy, entertain and communicate with their families, the youngsters and the local community.

On the other hand, the activity of the project will be helpful for the host community (Lefkada), for the local development and the reinforcement of solidarity. Also, the proposed projects for the volunteers will enable them to acquire personal, social

and technical skills that will be useful for their future careers. The project will offer them a unique experience in intercultural, social and pre-professional level.

During the activities, you will work together and in close cooperation with other volunteers and with different associations and cultural institutions of the region.

Hosting Organisation: Elderly care centre of Lefkas

Tasks of the volunteer:

– to make monthly working plan which what he/she will follow.

– to organize cultural activities weekly in cultural coffee workshop:

(Art workshops, dance performance, showing videos and films, intercultural dinners, exhibitions, debates on health issues…)

– to help and share activities with the residents (meals, mornings creative workshops, gardening, walking, preparing coffee theme of the week …)

– to organize “different workshops” for the Elderly people (painting, showing movies, dancing, gastronomy), and managed cultural events every 2 weeks.

– to cooperate with local MEDIA, volunteers of the Radio-Net «project of Solidarity Tracks Organization, to do emissions.

– to create a DVD and video in order to make his/her project more visible.

– to help the elderly people during their daily life.

– to help to clean and to organize the spaces of the Elderly centre (living room, his/her working space and the garden).

For more details you can look to these videos:

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