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Proiect: Your Non Formal Library

Perioada 15/10/2018- 12/7/2019

Activitatile sunt in domeniul promovarii educatiei nonformale pentru diferite categorii de tineri, organizare de evenimente cu diferiti parteneri locali ai organizatiei si activitati de deszvoltare de strategii in mediul online si social media.

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Hellenic Youth Participation (based in Athens, Greece) stands for intercultural dialogue, non-formal education, mutual understanding and solidarity.
The main aim of the group is to promote human rights through non-formal education
and experiential learning. We train different age groups (teenagers, young
adults, parents and teachers) in order to inspire and stimulate European citizens
to become active parts of their local and European community. We wish to motivate
them to become involved and to raise awareness about current values like equal
opportunities, social inclusion and cultural diversity.
Through our projects we aim at the promotion of non-formal differentiated
learning and the importance of personal development. HYP is active on a local, national
and European level. We were recently awarded the silver prize in the volunteer
competition for Greece for our contribution in education.
Due to the recent humanitarian crisis in Greece, we are working to create a
network of activism of young people in order to know where and how to be active.
The activities of this EVS will take place in Athens from October 2018 to July 2019 and will be based on 7 pillars.
A. Activities in Hellenic Youth Participation
The volunteers will be active in HYP’s office where they will create volunteer dissemination campaigns together with the trainers and the employees of the organization and will create materials (digital and printed) to be distributed to young people from the local community and those who follow its actions HYP through social media (more than 29,000 followers).
Important dates for the program:
November 16 – World Tolerance Day
The volunteers will create their first digital campaign, they will have to work in the team,
plan the action and with the instructor’s guidance to decide the approach they will follow.
The aim of the day is to design and gain experience in the development of a project
and to get their first initiatives, to experience the design-implementation-evaluation
December 5 – World Day of Volunteering
Volunteers will plan actions to involve more young people in volunteer actions in Athens.
As we succeeded in 2017, this day we will seek to organize a job shadowing locally where
our volunteers will open a call to young people in Athens and follow them on a ‘typical’
day. At the same time, together with the local partners we maintain, volunteers (local and EVS) will have the opportunity to implement actions.
21 February – Global Day of Mother Language
Non-formal learning actions will be created to bring young people and young people closer to foreign languages, to love learning. Such actions are: coffee languages, non-formal learning games, acquaintance with the languages of volunteers etc
21 March – World Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Actions on social responsibility, tolerance for individual differences, culture and non-discrimination
will be designed.
April 23 – World Book Day Activities of librarianship, exchange library, non-formal learning.
May 9 – World Day of Europe Day dedicated to Youth Mobility and European Opportunities.
June 5 – World Environment Day actions in parks and outdoors where actions will be taken to empathize, engage young people with nature, clean the environment and the need to protect the environment.
These actions will aim to engage young people with issues related to them by spreading
non-formal learning through participation in activities and local actions.
B. Digital activities
Establishment and development of the online library, categorization of the material, recording of comments, counseling and interviews with trainers and trainees.
Creating videos and material to which library visitors will be able to see activities in
practice during their implementation.
C. Group activities
Together with the trainer and coordinator, volunteers, in cooperation with ESN (European Student Network), will create a local team to meet once a week and carry out non-formal learning activities with themed themes team’s. Volunteers will have the opportunity to help trainers get experience from the course of training and slowly become self-employed and carry out their own activities.
D. Non-formal learning activities in partner organizations and vulnerable
groups They will have the opportunity to work with HYP instructors in non-formal learning activities in institutions such as the Greek Forum of Migrants, social and educational act, etc.
E. Erasmus + information and mobility opportunities
Activities such as infodays, EVS promotional seminars, program presentations within and outside HYP will be created.
F. Recording the experiences and activities of EVS volunteers in Athens
They will deal with the site and the blog that will be able to record their experience and
share it with other young people.
G. Create a press release
Monthly will be a press release that will be promoted to both our partners in this program and the network of organizations we have set up to spread good practice. Frequently, questionnaires will be sent to receive feedback on whether any activity has been implemented by other trainers and or facilitators, the use of the library and possible comments for development and improvement.

• Age: 18-30
• 3 volunteers in total: 1 from Spain, 1 from Romania and 1 from Cyprus
• motivated to work in a youth organisation, create non formal activities, work with
young people, take initiatives, organise events and support the activities of the organisation!
• willing to learn, gain new skills, expand your horizons!
• Office work in a youth organisation
• Creativity time
• Work in partner organisations with people with fewer opportunities, teach English
• Organise events
• Work in an online library of non formal activities
• Work in social media and easy online tools
Office Address: Dim. Soutsou 10 Ampelokipi, PC: 11521 Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 211 2163657
Nefeli Papagiannakou
+30 694 503 9582
Ariadni Matraka
+30 694 394 6121
Accommodation will be in a shared house with other volunteers and/or Erasmus students in a walking distance from the office. If not, HYP will provide a monthly card for the public transportation. There is a possibility that volunteers of same gender will share the same room. The house will be fully equipped, will have common rooms, kitchen and bathrooms.
Volunteers will be responsible for the maintenance of the house, to keep it clean, follow
the rules of the place and keep the quiet hours. HYP will not be responsible for any damage caused in the house by the volunteers.
Photos and more details regarding the accommodation will be shared with
the selected volunteers.
• Volunteers have to bring their own bedsheets & towels
• Volunteers are kindly asked to bring their laptops
Sending organisations are responsible to register the volunteers to the Cigna Insurance at
least 15 days before departure. Volunteers will also receive from the sending organisation
information about the coverage and the procedure of Cigna Insurance. Volunteers are
strongly advised to have the European Insurance card given by their national provider.
Volunteers should travel to El. Venizelos, Athens International Airport. From the
airport, you can take metro line 3, which goes directly to the city center or bus x95 to
Syntagma square. HYP’s office is near Ampelokipi (metro) and Megaro Mousikis stations
(metro and bus).
We are looking forward to meeting you!
Volunteers will work 6 hours per day in rolling hours (either morning 10-16:00 or/ and 16- 22:00). The schedule will be set between the coordinators and the volunteers. In special occasions volunteers will be asked to work on weekends. In that case they will take a day off the following week.
Volunteers will receive from the hosting organisation in the beginning of every month
money for personal expenses and food. The budget for traveling to Athens is: from Spain
360 euros, from Cyprus and Romania 275 euros.


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