Anunt selectie voluntar Roma/Italia


A fost selectata Corina Steflea

Cautam un voluntar pentru un stagiu de 9 luni, in proiectul numit EDUCATION TRACKS IN EUROPE, care se va desfasura intre 06/09/2018 si 31/05/2019  sau 6/03/2018  to 28/11/2018, in Roma. Proiectul are doua fluxuri dar se poate ca sa fie selectionat doar un singur roman pentru unul din fluxuri.

Cei interesati trebuie sa trimita un CV si o scrisoare de motivatie in limba engleza, la pana pe 10.06.18

Iata cateva detalii despre stagiu expuse mai jos in limba engleza:

The main aim of EDUCATION TRACKS IN EUROPE is strongly linked to the principles of the Erasmus+ strategy on Inclusion and Diversity, which states that, while it is important to reach out to these underprivileged groups, it is also vital to equip young people and youth workers with the necessary competences to successfully manage and support diversity, contributing so to positive interaction with different inclusion groups. Where inclusion of everyone ensures that all young people can feel part of a society, the focus on accepting diversity and on empowerment ensures that everybody can take part on their own terms, without giving up on their unicity and identity, bringing along their values, cultural and social background and life experience. CEMEA del Mezzogiorno and the équipes which work daily with the diverse clients of the centers promote an holistic approach to the person, which aims to support the development of each individual in a way which is as much as possible respectful (and therefore inclusive) of his personality towards all the other social actors which are part of his life. Within this context we see the involvement of the volunteers as a precious resource, a privileged tool to promote the psycho-social well being and individual empowerment, which is a fundamental element to promote a sense of vision, a way to look into the future with hope and sense of belonging. Just by accepting to bring themselves in those peripheral and disadvantaged areas, offering their abilities and their will to grow, understand and challenge themselves, the volunteers will strongly contribute to value and motivate the young people which will be in contact with them, initiating a process of curiosity and opening.
Together with educators and other staff members, under the guidance of a supervisor in the center and with an external personal support (mentor), the volunteers can take a challenge at 360°, in favour of their own personal growth and the one of the community in which they will live. The spirit of initiatives and entrepreneurship of the volunteers, the acquisition of specific skills in the field of socio-educational animation and solidarity attitudes will be supported at any stage of the project.

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