Anunt pentru stagii de voluntariat in Polonia/ Wroclaw



Acest anunt este pentru tineri intre 18 si 30 de ani care nu au mai avut stagii SEV pana acum si care doresc o experienta de invatare experientiala in context intercultural lucrand cu copii din diverse medii sociale.

Deatlii se pot gasi aici:

Call for volunteers Happy kids 4 strategic- kindergartens

If you are interested in the project and the period of time suits you, please send us on: all the following attached document in English:
– CV, motivation letter
– “EVS Questionnaire Kindergartens 2018” document with summary of your data, preferred kindergarten (but remember the final match will be done after the interview) and with additional questions (to be downloaded from here:
The deadline to apply is the 21’th of January 2018. Applications will only be
considered if the documents are received fully completed and with picture.
After reading all the applications We will contact chosen candidates and arrange a Skype interview. You also might be asked to talk with kindergarten’s representative (eg to check your English level – when it’s required). After the full procedure We will make decision.
This can take around 2 weeks. Final results will be known till 9th of February the latest.
If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us.
Our EVS coordinators are ready to answer your questions: 
Karolina Bobińska: or 0048713592921
Anna Iwanowska: or 0048713592921

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