Anunt selectie voluntari Spania / Vigo

au fost 3 candidati:

Iar dupa faza de interviu a fost selectionata Irina Negut- Felicitari

vigo-70025-4663577Organizatia Centro Xuvenil ABERTAL din in Vigo-Spania ( )  cauta un voluntar pentru un proiect de 11 luni.

Candidatii sunt rugati sa trimita pana pe 3.09.17 un CV si o scrisoare de motivatie in engleza , plus formularul de mai jos completat

Application Form ACTOR ABERTAL

la adresa si la cea a colegilor spanioli, asa cum scrie in document

Vor trebuica in perioada urmatoare  sa fie disponibili pentru un interviu telefonic sau online. Rezultatele vor aparea pe acest post pana pe 5.09.17.

Cei alesi vor avea obligatia sa participe la un curs de formare inainte de plecare, care va avea loc in Bucuresti, la o data stabilita de comun acord.

Iata mai multe informatii despre proiect:

DATES: 01/10/2017 – 31/08-2018 (11 months)

VENUE: Vigo (Spain)



The activities that will be performed by the volunteer will be different in the House Family and ELCI. The proposal Arela offers the volunteer is:


– Tutoring for beneficiaries of the Centre.

– Design and support in leisure activities.

– Design and development of the activities about presentation of country and culture of origin of the volunteer.

– Proposal of other initiatives of volunteer.

– Participation in workshops that develop in the ICMSF (road safety education, health education, social skills, …) following the guidelines that the Center’s Education Team will mark.


– Monitoring and supervision of children and adolescents, who live there, in carrying out their daily tasks: study, leisure, personal hygiene, cleaning and care of the House Family …

* Due to the characteristics of the center and the importance for Arela a experiential learning and modelling will be given, this task usually includes specific tasks like eating or brushing your teeth with children and adolescents. Moreover, since the age of attention is from 0 years, may also include giving the food, changing diapers or shower and dressing up the children who because of their age or condition cannot do it by themselves.

– Design (with the Education Team) and conducting weekly a cultural exchange with children and adolescents: preparation of traditional food, dances and songs, basic knowledge of different languages, photography, …

– Participation in various tours to significant places in Galicia: children and adolescents prepare with educators and volunteer a trip as a mean for everybody to learn about the social and natural environment.

The proposed schedule will be from 13 to 19h on the following basis, with two days off per week:

PRACTICAL DETAILS: All volunteers will live in a shared flat with other EVS volunteers or students. She/he will have her/his own room and shared common spaces like kitchen, living room, bathroom… the flat is in the city center.

You will receive 200 € for food and local transport and 105 € of pocket money.

VOLUNTEER PROFILE: We are looking for very motivated volunteers, who knows about the project and the activities. We appreciate experience in volunteering and working with children, people with disabilities etc, depending on the project. With new ideas and a lot of motivation to do new things! We appreciate a basic Spanish level but is not a requirement.


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