Anunt selectie proiect SEV Franta

Cautam in regim e urgenta un voluntar care sa vrea sa mearga in Gelos- Franta in conditiile descrise mai jos.


Cei interesati sunt rugati sa se grabeasca sa trimita o scrisoare de intentie si un CV in engleza sau franceza la Selectia va fi facuta de partenerul francez, dupa analizarea documentelor si dupa un interviu on line.

Rezultatele selectiei vor fi postate aici, imediat ce aceasta va fi incheiata.

As a coordinating organisation, Pistes-Solidaires proposes an EVS placement in the partner organisation MJC Rive Gauche.

What is EVS?

– Live a mobility experience abroad

– Discover a different culture

– Gain useful competences to increase employability

– Carrying out general interest tasks as a member of a non-profit association

– To be accompanied by the accredited associations during the entire mobility period

The hosting organisation and the activities of the volunteer:

The MJC Rive Gauche is a cultural and social centre proposing non-formal education activities like singing, yoga, language lessons, and family excursions open to all age groups. For youngsters from 11 to 18 years, the centre organises recreation and school-based activities, as well as special leisure time programs during school holiday periods. It works with youngsters in order to transmit them different values such as non-formal education, solidarity, participation in democracy and active citizenship. The hosting of a European volunteer makes part of the associative project to raise awareness about other cultures and mobility projects among in particular the young members. The EVS volunteer will participate in the different activities with youngsters 11 to 18 years, set up own activities and help the youth workers to organise others. He/she will also participate in the gardening activities of the community garden Marsan maintained by the MJC Rive Gauche and update the blog dedicated to its development.

These activities consist in practical garden work, but the main objectives of this project are social and educational: the bringing together of people with different backgrounds and ages, while creating awareness for environmental sustainability.

Volunteer’s profile:

The volunteer should have notions of French, be autonomous and interested in youth work, event organisation, gardening and environmental sustainability.

Practical information


The volunteer’s timetable corresponds to the opening hours: Tuesdays to Fridays from 9:30am to 12:30am and 2pm to 6:30pm, and eventually Saturday afternoons. During school holidays Mondays to Fridays from 9:30am to 12am and from 2pm to 6:30pm.

Accommodation and food:

The volunteer will share a fully equipped apartment (160m²) in the city centre of Pau with other European volunteers, using a bike or the local bus for transport. He/she will receive each month a budget for food, for local transport and a pocket money.


Send your CV and your motivation letter in French or in English as soon as possible at

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