Anunt selectie proiect SEV in SUEDIA

Actualizare 22.07.16 :

Au candidat Angheloaie Roxana si Teodor Vasile

A fost selectionat de catre organizatia coordonatoare



Cautam candidati interesati sa aiba un stagiu SEV de UN AN, care va incepe FOARTE CURAND!!

Cei interesati sunt rugati sa trimita un CV si o scrisoare de intentie pana pe 18.07.16 la

Hosting Staffansgården

Coordinating PeaceWorks Sweden 

Perioada 08/08/2016- 08/08/2017

Descrierea stagiului:

Staffansgården Camphill is home to about 30 mentally disabled adults, where they live together, and participate in different workshops during the days. When it comes to the role and tasks of the volunteer, in the beginning and during the introductory phase, focus will be on training and getting to know the staff members, the villagers and the different workshops and fields of work. The volunteer will have regular meetings with the work mentors to agree on the tasks and work schedule, which may change over the year.

The volunteers will receive board and lodging within one of the housing units at Staffansgården, where the villagers live. They will eat breakfast and dinner in the house units where they live, and usually on weekdays the lunch is served in the common canteen. On the weekends the volunteers are free to prepare and take their own meals, from the food supplied by the project. The volunteers always have their own room, and usually their own bathroom.

The working week of the volunteer consists of up to 35 hours, mostly from Monday till Friday, but in exceptions and upon agreement it can be also during weekends. In case volunteers work during weekends, it will be compensated with free time during the week. Holidays will be discussed between the volunteer and staff at Staffansgården.

PeaceWorks is regularly in touch with the project and will support the project in the planning and mentoring of the volunteer’s project.

The volunteers will have a social mentor and a work mentor each. This system of having two mentors is something that the project has seen as useful and is based on the projects’ earlier experience. The idea is that the work mentor has an overall responsibility of the planning and follow-up of the tasks and the work. The assisting director Sofie Hansson of Staffansgården will be the work mentor. She is the one in charge of the schedule of the volunteers, etc. The volunteers have regular meetings with the work mentor and they also work practically together.


The social mentor has a more informal role than the work mentor, and this person will provide personal and social support, for instance if the volunteer faces integration challenges or suffers from homesickness. He will meet the volunteer regularly and when there is a need the volunteers can turn to him. In the beginning, the mentorship from both of them will be more intense and regular.

The volunteer will have a different role from the staff members, the most important difference being the level of responsibility. The idea is that the volunteers should have a social role and encourage understanding of other people and cultures, something that another regular staff member maybe could not do. In other words, the volunteers add value to the activities and inspire the villagers. The volunteers will never work alone, but instead always be accompanied by other staff members who will lead the work and instruct the volunteers when taking care of the villagers. The mentors will make sure that the volunteer will feel comfortable with both the villagers and the staff group, and will make changes in distribution of tasks if needed and/or preferred by the volunteers. The volunteers will participate in the villagers’ daily life as well as work in different areas of activities, in the farm, the bakery, the carpentry, the weavery etc.

The volunteer will work with a few main areas:

Support the co-workers and villagers in baking and working in the bakery.

Support the villagers in their work in the wood workshop and the weavery.

Support the co-workers and villagers in the work at the farm (cultivating, taking care of animals etc.).

Take care of general tasks in the running of the home unit where they live (contribute to cooking food for the house mates, cleaning common areas etc.).

Take part in and support activities and projects at Staffansgården (e.g. sports activities, cultural events etc.).

Give support to villagers depending on their needs.

Optional and if possible: run own projects, depending on interest and background, such as a volunteer-café or improving the communicational performance of Staffansgården (homepage, web shop etc.).

There is also the possibility to get involved in activities and volunteer work outside Staffansgården, like a refugee center, a local school and kinder garden.

A personal schedule will be agreed upon together with the volunteer depending on the needs and current focus of Staffansgården, as well as the background and preferences of the volunteer. A lot will depend on the skills and interests of the volunteer, so the final schedule will be defined after some weeks of working at the project, when the volunteer is familiar with Staffansgården and have tried different tasks. The combination and proportion of areas and tasks may thus look differently from volunteer to volunteer, and from period to period.

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