Apel Selectie voluntar SEV Marea Britanie

Rezultate finale selectie:

Mihaela Truică,  Lavinia Cubas



Pentru ceilalti care au fost respinsi, va incurajam sa incercati alte oferte de proiecte SEV pe care le vom posta pe acest blog. De exemplu pentru proiectul din Polonia la Wiatrak mai avem nevoie de doi tineri care sa plece cat mai curand.

Candidatii sunt rugati sa trimita un CV si o scrisoare de motivatie in limba engleza pana pe 4 noiembrie 2015 la actor_romania@yahoo.com

Despre proiect:

Project Name:  Language United

Organisations involved: ACTOR, Alianza Por La Solidaridad, ProgettoCitta, Itineraire International

Volunteers:        French Spanish, Romanian  & Italian

Amount :            2 per organisation


Advanced Planning  visit:                           

9 February 2016 to 10 February 2016

All 8 volunteers.


Exchange starts:  16 March 2016 – 16 September 2016

The first exchange is for

 1 Italian volunteer (6 months)

1 Spanish Volunteer  6 months)

1 French Volunteer (6 months)

2 Romanian Volunteers ( 1 year)


The Second exchange is for:

1 Italian volunteer (6 months)

1 Spanish Volunteer  6 months)

1 French Volunteer (6 months)

 Romanian Volunteers already in place.



Italian, Spanish & French volunteers will be supporting nursery assistants to organise activities for children.  Preparing snacks and meals, the volunteers will also create their own lessons to assist children in learning their language using, games, songs, nursery rhymes, story telling.

There will also be an opportunity to attend Equi-Visions offices for basic admin training.

 Romanian volunteers will be volunteering in Equi-Vision’s offices the roles will be split into 2.

Role 1 is very much a creative role, creating an Equi-Vision website, brochures and uploading data to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and creating new Equi-Vision platforms and keeping them updated regularly and researching content for a new European online platform.

Role 2 is very much an admin type role supporting the administrator with admin duties, attending meetings and visits to other centres.  Also developing admin related systems, computerised and paper based.  Also researching new training opportunities for young people, making telephone calls and researching job vacancies on line.

 Skills: For the Romanian volunteer s, Computer skills especially for Role 1, not afraid of trying new programmes, basic communication, willing to learn and try out new things.  Pleasant in attitude as they will be meeting other young people with social issues.  Willing to work at least 5 hours a day.  Weekends Free.


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